Adelaide Juke Box Hire hires out entertainment equipment on a daily, weekly, monthly or negotiated basis.
Charges quoted are for daily hire. Please request prices for longer terms. Delivery fees may be charged depending on distance involved.

Adelaide Juke Box Hire hires out:

  • Jukeboxes (digital & CD)
  • Karaoke Machines (digital)
  • Smoke Machines
  • Air Hockey Machines (with overhead scoring)
  • Soccer Tables
  • Daytona Driving Simulators
  • Dance Machines
  • Pinball Machines
  • Pool Tables
  • Video Games & More incl. Big Buck Hunter
On a daily, weekly, monthly, or negotiated basis. Delivery fees may be charged depending on distance involved.

Touch Screen Digital Jukebox


They come in different colours so you can match your colour scheme. (See home page for some of the colours.)
2x High powered amplifiers send out a crystal clear sound second to none.
Over 3000 songs. Only the popular songs from albums are chosen so you don't have a lot of wasted music.
A large portion of these songs have video clips as well.
You can restrict the number of songs chosen at any one time to prevent people hogging music selection.
Most of our systems have external CD roms so that you can play your own CD's through the jukebox.
CD covers displayed on screen for easy recognition and selection

Karaoke Jukeboxes

Most jukeboxes can have karaoke added for an extra small cost.
You can have up to six michrophones if needed.
We can also offer radio contolled michrophones
(ie cordless with a huge range so that you don't need to stand near the jukebox)
Over 1200 karaoke songs (ie with the words displayed on an extra T.V. screen.



Hire Cost: $220

440 Watt Output
Quality Wurlitzer Sound
The Genuine Sixties look
Songlist can be changed to suit your needs.
Ideal for back to the 50's & 60's Party.

Nostalgia Digital Jukebox

Nostalgia Jukebox

Hire Cost: $220

A high powered quadraphonic juke box, retaining the classic style of the bubbler juke box of the 50's - 60's. Combining the style of a traditional juke box with the high speed and diverse performance of modern digital computer technology.
700w Amplifier
3,000 standard songs (more being added all the time)
External CD player to play CDs of your choice
Plays video through external TV
Instant start of songs (no waiting for CDs to load)
No gap between sogns (instant fade in and out of songs)
CD covers displayed on screen for easy recognition and selection
Choose songs by CD, Song, Artist and Categories
Easy to use interface

Portable Digital

Digital Classic

Hire Cost: $250

This unit has seperate speakers for easier access should there be stairs or to be picked up for a country party.
It has an external CD Rom so that you can play your own CDs through the system you so desire
There is a very comprehensive songlist ranging from modern to all the classic hits of the sixties.
Karaoke can be added if required.